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We will select qualified Specialists and provide them with all documents for legal employment

We will take on all the routine work of bookkeeping and reporting
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What services do we provide?

Staff recruitment

We carry out both individual and mass selection of workers of various qualifications

Employee registration

We regteistrate the staff at a Polish company and sign employment contracts. We provide personal support to the specialist throughout the entire period of his work with the employer

Document preparation

We quickly produce a package of documents for legal work: a business trip letter, a contract of responsibility, a condition for renting a house, a working condition, a letter from the consulate, invitation letter, confirmation of registration with the immigration service, insurance, form A1

Accounting support

We carry out the calculation of salaries and advance payments, in compliance with the requirements of the law. We carry out payroll and reporting

Legal liability

We support the official work of the company. We carry out briefing on behavior in emergency situations. We are 100% responsible to the control authorities and provide a lawyer to resolve misunderstandings

By trusting us with the choice of employees, you get:

  • Competent and responsible staff working in your team legally and at minimal cost
  • Reducing the cost of taxation of the salary of each employee
  • Exemption from accounting and legal liability
  • Eliminate the overload of persistent personnel problems
  • Long-term cooperation, quality service and reliable partnership with our team
  • Convenient remote system of mutual settlement and document management with us
  • Stable work of your company, execution of works in the fixed terms
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How do we work?


We sign a contract


We study and analyze your needs for current vacancies


We find, evaluate and select the right candidates


We provide a complete package of documents for official and legal employment


We send specialists to work in your company with documents - business letter and A1 Certificate


You pay for the performed work monthly or by agreement

Benefits of working with us

You are exclusively engaged in the manufacture of your product and achieve the desired results. We undertake the organization and management of all routine processes related to personnel, documents and payments.


We work under license officially and legally. We work due to the laws of those countries in which our partners operate


We reduce partner expenses by optimizing taxes for the employee through A1 / business trip letters from Poland. We save partner’s time - we take all accounting and reporting


Our team consists of 20 professionals whose goal is high quality services. All of them have experience in solving specialized issues, taking into account the characteristics of each company.


We guarantee 100% confidentiality of any information of the partner company received in the process of cooperation. We provide legal support during inspections. We act within the framework of the law, but with maximum respect for the interests of the partner.

Partners who trust us

More than 30 companies of the European Union work calmly with us and enjoy the successful development of their businesses.

About us

Synergy is a leading law company that for over 5 years has been successfully providing official employment services in the European Union, documentary support and accounting support.

During this time, we have established constant partnerships with 30 employing companies and hired people in more than 10 countries in Europe.

Providing a full range of services, we competently close all issues in the field of selection of qualified specialists, legal employment, accounting and legal responsibility, allowing our customers to focus on the main activities of their company. And our leading experts provide expert assistance at all stages of cooperation.

Our activity is legal. We work without intermediaries and taking into account the characteristics and specifics of the partner’s business.

One of the important goals of our work is security, the growth of financial indicators of our customers and the implementation of their plans

Our mission

  • It is legal, safe and quick to provide qualified specialists with the maximum number of European companies.

Our values

  • Team decisions are more important than «me!»
  • Sustainable development = best result in the future
  • Never stop there, but always focus on getting the best results here and now
  • The safety of partners and customers is always a priority

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